Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clarification: Vasco Vascotto - Quantum Racing

There is a clarification we would like to make on our article of yesterday regarding the issue of Vasco Vascotto being forced to, temporarily, put his TP52 Pisco Sour team on hold. It appears there was a certain degree of uncertainty as to the relation of Quantum Racing with it and in general with the cost-cutting measures we mentioned in the article.

First of all, at least in our opinion, it is obvious that if Vascotto has been unable to find the required funding to continue his campaign, no other team can be blamed for that. This is not even implied in our article.

Secondly, in no way whatsoever do we relate the two issues. Since we write about a team, former champion of the circuit, that is facing a tough financial situation we thought it would be wise to also comment on the cost-cutting measures the AUDI MedCup organisation is planning to implement. In this difficult global economic climate, all cost-cutting measures are welcome and the MedCup will not be alone in doing that. Just read Knut Frostad's, Volvo Ocean Race CEO, latest interview: "We have focused on cost-cutting while safeguarding the competitive element of the event". There is very little doubt the 34th America's Cup, regardless of who wins the 33rd, will focus on cost savings.

Last but certainly not least, Nacho Postigo, Technical Director of the AUDI Medcup circuit, doesn't explicitly refer to the Quantum Racing video we posted, the assumption is ours based on his words. Nor does anyone imply Quantum Racing cheated at any time. We only mention that, if the rules change as stated, this type of activity will not be allowed.

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At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Rob Weiland said...

It is not illegal to gather weather info and it is not illegal to transfer this info to the boats when not racing.

However to avoid the expense and stress of having professional weather teams on boats, shore, or even in the air we decided to stop this from Cagliari onwards.

The idea is that on race days, from 1 hour before the sceduled 1st start till the finish of the final race of the day, all competitors related tenders shall not carry any functioning wind equipment, whether hand held or installed, as well as that any other method of on location weather spotting, other than by the crews on the competing yachts, and communicating this information in any way to the competitors is forbidden.

I like to point out that this is supported by the competitors.

When I saw the Quantum video during the Alicante event it made me laugh. It clearly was intended to wind people up. But all good jokes have a serious side, so we feel it is better to deal with this.

Kind regards, Rob Weiland (TP52 Class Manager)

At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice words Rob...
Let's leave the bad guys the honor to argue over any single rule or written word or whatsoever. We like sailing and that's what we are looking for. No more BS


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