Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's back to Code Red for Banque Populaire V

[Source: Banque Populaire] The Maxi Trimaran Banque Populaire V began in early July a stand-by in New York, waiting for the best weather window in order to try to beat North Atlantic crossing record (New-York/Cap Lizard).

Yesterday, the multihull and her crew went Code Orange because a favorable weather window could suggest a potential departure within 48 hours. This morning, after receiving and studying the latest weather files, it appears that the window that was conducive to a departure from New York on the night of Wednesday to Thursday was largely deteriorated, forcing Pascal Bidégorry to take the decision and go back to Code Red.

Pascal Bidégorry comments on this choice: "Yesterday, all files and the various weather models were consistent in the right direction but unfortunately the window deteriorated last night. It's a shame because since the beginning of our standby it was the first window that could have allowed us to cross the North Atlantic in 4 days. Since this morning routing models show a much longer crossing time. However, we waited until the last moment at the Roissy aiport in Paris to see any changes before making a decision to get back to Code Red. There is a priori no window in the days to come but we must remain vigilant because the system remains unstable."

Before attempting a record why not do some much-needed PR action in Times Square? Video copyright Banque Populaire

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