Saturday, August 15, 2009

Official video of the BMW Oracle presentation

We surely publish it with some delay but for the record, here is the official webcast from BMW Oracle's presentation on the 11th of August in San Diego. It's long, 46 minutes, but it's quite interesting, in particular Larry Ellison's talk that starts at approximately the 12th minute of the presentation.

BMW Oracle's owner even took four questions from the public present at the show. Firstly on the issue of the 33rd America's Cup venue, Ellison voiced his concern about the proximity to Iran, less than 100 miles away, fearing for the safety of the team's crew. He also mentions electricity supply which could also be a potential problem. In fact Ras al-Khaimah is suffering from chronic power shortages as development outpaces supply, resulting in frequent outages. Secondly, concerning the fact Alinghi can change the sailing rules of the match up to the last minute Ellison thinks that they shouldn't be able to do so and his team is "certainly going to go to court to make sure they can't change the rules up to the last possible minute".

Thirdly, Ellison thinks Alinghi's yacht has been designed for extremely light air but he's "pretty optimistic" about BMW Oracle's yacht to compete in "light, moderate and heavy" air. Finally, unless James Spithill kicks him off the boat he will be sailing on her.

Don't forget to check BMW Oracle's brand new Youtube channel for more videos from the America's Cup challenger. All the main team channels can be accessed through our top drop-down menu.

Official video of the BMW Oracle presentation. San Diego, 11 August 2009. Video copyright BMW Oracle

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At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just went over to the BWM Oracle You Tube channel and watched a video called Extreme Performance - Extreme Engineering. In this video they claim that the boat is 100 Feet long (30 seconds in).


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