Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mirsky Racing Team smash into the Danish Open Semifinals

[Source: Mirsky Racing Team] After a full on day of racing, MRT are now sitting one up in the semi finals over Sweden’s Mattias Rahm.

MRT had to win 3 races from their remaining 6 of the round robin, which they just managed, putting them through to the semi finals. Tensions rose however in the final race of the round robin when there was a big collision with BlackMatch Racing in their heated duel, as the possibility of a half-point deduction loomed.

The boat was mostly unharmed however, and the Australian team cruised into the semi finals, along with Peter Gilmour (AUS), Jes Gram-Hansen (DEN) and Mattias Rahm (SWE).

Mirsky Racing Team crash into BlackMatch. Aarhus, 12 September 2009. Photo copyright JeffSpence

In typical crowd pleasing fashion, Gilmour chose to race local hero Jes Gram-Hansen who stood out as an early favourite in the event.

This left MRT with Mattias Rahm's Stena Bulk Racing Team who had won in their close round robin match, despite having lost their trimmer Oscar Angerwall to a head injury. The first race of the semi finals ran smoothly however, as the Australians started ahead and defended their lead through to the finishing line.

"Even without his trimmer, Mattias was hard to beat, we faced him in the finals of Match Cup Sweden last year where he beat us so it would be good continue on and get back on him tomorrow", said MRT bowman Graeme Spence after the long day on the water.

Tomorrow's racing will see the completion of the semi finals, 5th to 8th race offs, and eventually the crowning of the Danish Open champion.

Initial Semifinal Results:
Mirsky Racing Team, Torvar Mirsky (AUS) 1 - Stena Bulk Racing Team, Mattias Rahm (SWE) 0
Trifork Racing Team, Jes Gram-Hansen (DEN) 1 - Yanmar Racing, Peter Gilmour (AUS) 0

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