Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mirsky Racing Team take the lead of the World MAtch Racing Tour

[Source: Mirsky Racing Team] Aarhus delivered the strongest winds of the week, with gusts blowing well above 20 knots, providing plenty of action for the spectators lining the rocks.

Narrowly qualifying for the finals over Mattias Rahm in a nail-biting 3-2 series which came to a dramatic close when Rahm incurred a penalty on the final upwind and, failing to wipe it, watched Torvar Mirsky sail through to race in the finals against Jes Gram Hansen.

The Danish local however, took it to a new level and dominated the series, winning 3 straight races.

“The starts were so important today, and Jes’ team had an edge over us in all three races. We fought hard, and often brought the game within distance, but they always held us off and they deserved to win.” Said skipper Torvar Mirsky after the day’s racing had come to an end. “…but we are leading the Tour now, so we are really happy! To make two finals in a row is excellent, and we hope to carry on this form in Bermuda next month.”

With the team jumping to new heights, leading the World Match Racing Tour, they can shift their focus onto the next two events which will be crucial for their hunt for the glory of being crowned as the World Match Racing Tour champions.

Mirsky Racing Team are now leading the World Match Racing Tour. Aarhus, 11 September 2009. Photo copyright Per Heegaard

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