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Tuypan Caixanova Men leads Platu 25 Worlds after 4 races

[Source: Platu 25] Today, the competition entered the second day of the Platu 25 World Championship. Ninety three crews run three regattas off with a weak and very unsettled wind – no more then 6-8 knots – that forced the crew to continuous sail regulations and complex tactical strategies.

After three regattas, today for many crews was the occasion to show their real talent, gaining positions and points in the general ranking list. So, there were many surprises that changed deeply the partial results of yesterday.

The only confirmation was for the Spanish “Tuypan Caixanova Men” of Marcos Perez and Roy Alonso (Rcn Vigo) who – after a 5-3-2 in the three regattas of today, conquered the top of the general ranking list. Today “Tuypan” was in the Group B, the Blue one; yesterday in the yellow one it arrived third.

Tuypan Caixanova Men, overall leaders after 4 races. Punta Ala, 30 September 2009. Photo copyright Jesús Renedo /

The division between Group A and B was maintained but, calculating every day different scores, all the crews will change group and will be able to confront with all the adversaries until next Saturday.

The Italian “Vis” of Francesco Vallicelli is second in the overall leaderboard followed by another Italian crew, “Brera Hotels” of Emanuele Vitrano, with Alberto Wolleb at the helm and Sandro Montefusco as a tactician.

The German team “Kyra” of Herman Muller, that yesterday dominated in the Yellow Fleet - is now 4th in the general ranking list. The Spanish of the “Invincible Armada” confirmed their talent with “La Revoltosa” of Jaime Pont and “Iberconsa” of Fernando Morillo, 5th and 6th in the general ranking list. A very good position also for “Menef 8” of Marco Gambardella with Pablo Soldano on board; they are 7th in the general ranking list.

As every body expected, “Central Lechera Asturiana” of Natalia Via Dufresne emerged with a very good performance; she gained a first place in the Yellow fleet and now she is 8th in the general ranking list. “Profumo” of Michele Valiante is 9th and “Niente Paura” of Gino Angelini is 10th in the general ranking list.

In the Yellow group, big return for the Japanese “Bros” of Nafumi Kamei (3th in the second and in the third regattas) and for the German “Flexi” of Bogdhan (4 in the first regatta). Great confirm for the Italians too, with “Parco Cinque Terre – Breakwind” of Giovanni Bocelli, with Ugo Giordano at the helm (Lni Procida) who, in the third regattas of today, arrived first.

In the Group B of the Blue Fleet, very good performance for the Spanish Bribon- Movistar” of José Cusì and “Iberconsa” of Fernando Lago, the President of the Spanish class who yesterday managed very well. In the second regatta, good result for “Iberdrola” of Manuel Weiler, World Champion in Vigo in 2006.

Brera Hotels are now sitting 3rd overall. Punta Ala, 30 September 2009. Photo copyright Jesús Renedo /

Protagonist in the third regatta, in the Group B, is the Italian crew “Amici Miei” of Giacomo Bufalini who conquered the first place followed by “Tuypan CAixanova Men” of Marcos Perez and Roy Alonso.

Tomorrow the crews will face the adversaries in the third day of regattas. Protests today were pretty numerous: that confirms that the level of the competition and the agonistic tension are very high.

Platu25 World Championship 2009
Overall leaderboard after 4 races (Top ten)
2. VIS 6,2,5,5=18
3. BRERA HOTELS 5,6,1,10=22
4. KYRA 1,7,14,9=31
5. LA REVOLTOSA 10,5,8,8=31
6. IBERCONSA 2,11,15,4=32
7. MENEF 8 4,9,10,12=35
9. PROFUMO 3,14,2,21=40
10.NIENTE PAURA 14,17,11,6=48

Manu Weiller, Spain's number 1 match racer, got a black flag in the 4th race and dropped to 19th overall. Punta Ala, 30 September 2009. Photo copyright Jesús Renedo /



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