Sunday, November 08, 2009

Video: Highlights from the 2nd day of the Louis Vuitton Trophy

Video highlights from the 2nd day of the Louis Vuitton Trophy. Nice, 8 November 2009. Video copyright Louis Vuitton Trophy

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At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

like with most "video highlights" (like RC44, WMRT, ishares cup,...) this video footage says completely nothing. you could as well watch pictures of last year, a training seesion or whatever. these 2mins "video highlights" are so useless!!!! i would think that the guys making this video are out there filming most of the day. so why not loading up some raw footage so we can follow actually a bit of the racing, the tactical situations and crew manoevers. isn't it that what most of us are interested in? instead look what video footage we get from the match TNZ vs. ALL4ONE. thats absolutely nothing and worthless. if thats all they can do they should safe the money....
BUT just based on the photography its nice footage (for example the wide shot from shore).... so why not show us what you got. don't always cut of every shot after 4-5 seconds. thats so frustrating.
and most importantly the way the footage is edited its definitely no "highlights".


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