Monday, December 14, 2009

Groupama 3: Relaxed but concentrated

[Source: Cammas - Groupama] Today is the second day at sea for the crew of Groupama 3 since leaving Cape Town.

Contacted by telephone Fred Le Peutrec sums up the start of their climb up the Southern Atlantic, where the crew of the maxi trimaran are sailing downwind in an easing SE'ly: "After setting out in a steady wind, we're now sailing under gennaker in around ten knots of breeze. These conditions mean that each of the crew are getting a turn at taking the helm. Clad in shorts and T-Shirt, the atmosphere onboard is excellent. It's not too hot yet" says the Breton skipper.

Such an atmosphere is not synonymous with idleness however: "Naturally there isn't the same pressure on this delivery trip as there would be when racing or chasing a record. However, the fact remains that a boat like Groupama 3 requires a lot of attention. The manoeuvres are going very smoothly and the crew that are only just discovering the boat have adapted to the conditions very quickly. We're relaxed but concentrated" concludes Fred Le Peutrec.

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