Thursday, December 03, 2009

Phil Robertson is on fire!!

The young kiwi sailor won all four of his races today, beating the world's number 1 and 2, and is now tied on the top with Magnus Holmberg and Ben Ainslie. We caught up with Phil Robertson during the lunch break (the race course being right in front of the marina building, the crews have a lunch break in the posh skippers lounge).

Phil Robertson: "I think that the chemistry finally came together. Yesterday it was almost there, we made just a few big errors, and it could have been a much netter day. Everything worked fine today, we won all our starts and the boys kept the boat going fast round the track. In this race track if you win the right at the start you just about win the race. It's really hard to pass, there are very few passing opportunitites, unless you are very close to the top mark and to get there you have to do very well in the first beat. We won every start and got out to the tide first. It's up to 5 knots and you go a lot faster!

Even if we race against the world's best we don't feel intimidated any longer. We are just calm and try to race the best way we can. It would be nice now if we became as well some of the best of the world."

Phil Robertson is on fire. Kuala Terengganu, 3 December 2009. Photo copyright Sander van der Bosch / SubZero Images

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