Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 ORC Rules and Regulations now available

[Source: ORC] The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is pleased to announce the 2010 ORC Rules and Regulations are now available for download. These include the ORC International and ORC Club Rating Rules, the International Measurement System (IMS) Rules, the GP26, GP33, and GP42 Class Rules, and the ORC Championship Rules (the “Green Book”). Changes from the 2009 rules are noted in each document in pdf form by sidebars, and all are posted on the Rules and Regulations page.

The 2010 Velocity Performance Prediction (VPP) documentation is still being edited pending feedback from designers and rating officers on the Beta version of the VPP which has recently been made available to ORC subscribers. Once any changes have been made, the documentation will also be available for download.

Also available on the Rules and Regulations page are a link to the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations for 2010/11, and explanatory texts to the ORC Speed Guide and the ORC Stability and Hydrostatic Datasheet. The Speed Guide and Datasheet in customized form are available for any boat with an ORC certificate.

Click on image to download document

IMSORC Rating RulesGreen Book
GP 26 Class RulesGP 33 Class RulesGP 42 Class Rules

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