Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Indian record for Groupama 3

[Source: Cammas - Groupama] Taking just 8 days 17 hours and 39 minutes to traverse the Indian Ocean, the maxi trimaran Groupama 3 skippered by Franck Cammas has snatched the record held by Orange 2 since 2005.

It was at 2322 UTC on Tuesday 23rd February that Groupama 3 crossed the longitude of Tasmania, to the South of Australia, which marks the exit from the Indian Ocean and the entry to the Pacific Ocean.

Having rounded Cape Agulhas off South Africa 8 days and 17 hours beforehand, Franck Cammas and his nine crew participating in the Jules Verne Trophy have taken 17 hours and 25 minutes less than the crew of Bruno Peyron some five years ago.

Groupama 3 crew ready to hoist gennaker on their way to an Indian Ocean record. Indian Ocean, 23 February 2010. Video copyright Groupama

With the Indian Ocean behind them, Groupama 3 is now attacking the largest ocean in the world, the Pacific; the exit from which is marked by the much renowned Cape Horn.

Departure from Ushant: on 31st January at 1355 UTC
Passage around the Agulhas Cape: on 15th February at 0543 UTC
Passage of Tasmania: on 23rd February at 2322 UTC

Race time from the start to Tasmania: 23 days 9 hours and 27 minutes
Indian Ocean crossing time: 8 days 17 hours and 39 minutes, that is 17 hours and 25 minutes faster than Orange.

This new record for the passage across the Indian Ocean is awaiting approval by the WSSRC, the international body responsible for sailing records.

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