Thursday, March 11, 2010

ISAF Confirms Receipt of 33rd America's Cup Report Forms

[Source: ISAF] The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) today confirmed the receipt of the Regatta Report Forms from the ISAF Race Officials appointed to the 33rd America's Cup Match.

The Regatta Report Forms were received from the ISAF appointed Principal Race Officer Harold Bennett and the Chairman of the International Jury David Tillett. They will be sent to the ISAF Race Officials Committee who will review the contents and make recommendations if deemed necessary.

The completion of Regatta Report Forms is a standard requirement of Principal Race Officers, International Jury Chairman and Chief Umpires at international or major events.

The purpose of the report system is to provide an assessment of the ISAF appointed officials and to learn from incidents or exceptional situations that happened during an event. Several changes to The Racing Rules of Sailing and changes in the ISAF Race Official Manuals have been made as a result of situations described in Regatta Report Forms.

The 33rd America’s Cup Match was sailed last month off the coast of Valencia and decided in two matches between Société Nautique de Genève defending the Cup with team Alinghi against Golden Gate Yacht Club, and their racing team BMW Oracle Racing. Team BMW Oracle Racing won the Match 2–0.

ISAF appointed the Race Officials team to the 33rd America’s Cup Match to ensure fair play on the water.

ISAF thanks Principal Race Officer Harold Bennett for carrying out his duties under very difficult conditions; ISAF supports all his decisions, likewise the Jury under the chairmanship of David Tillett and the Umpire team led by Bill Edgerton. All those involved should be congratulated for maintaining their independence and the high ISAF standard of race management and adjudication.

ISAF congratulates Larry Ellison, Russell Coutts and the entire BMW Oracle Racing team from the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco, USA on winning the 33rd America's Cup. ISAF looks forward to working with the Defender and the Challengers involved in the 34th America's Cup.

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At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SNG just might not escape a ISAF ruling on the AC Mutiny. ISAF is under tons of pressure to act and be opne on what happen. Looks like SNG has dug their own grave on this one. Really sad


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