Monday, March 08, 2010

LV Trophy Auckland - Web TV streaming

As you have obviously noticed since a few days ago, Valencia Sailing will be streaming live all the race action from Auckland, just like we did last November for the Nice event and more recently during the 33rd America's Cup in Valencia. There is no way you can miss it, the player is right at the top of the site. In order to better enjoy the races, the organizers have scheduled the following program:

Internet streaming program
The international live program is scheduled to start from March 9 onwards at 10am (local time, 21:00 GMT) with a warning signal for a 10:10 start. All timing is weather dependent. In case of postponements or delays information will be provided on screen as to the cause of the delay and when racing is scheduled to resume. If racing is brought forward to start earlier than 10:00, information will be provided the night before.

The stream will consist of the following:

1. Live racing broadcast
Central camera on North Head, Camera Chase Boat plus two on-board cameras with Virtual Eye feed. There will be audio from each yacht and studio and on-the water commentary in English language: Peter Lester with studio guests, Ross Blackman and Don Robertson on-the water.

For the final 4 Days there will be a full TV Broadcast – with an additional Helicopter Camera and GyroStabilised Chase Boat Camera. The broadcast will be hosted by Geoff Bryan with commentary from Peter Lester, Martin Tasker and guests.

2. Replays of the racing broadcast during the European day

3. Virtual Eye highlight broadcasts after racing

4. Tape delayed press conferences
Online available approximately 2h 30min after finish of racing

5. Promotional footage from teams, institutional and commercial sponsors of the event


The schedule during the daily webcast is the following. Times depend on the race schedule during the day and the weather (all times local in NZL):

10:00am (21:00GMT): Opening trailer and welcome by Peter Lester
10:00 – 10:05 Weather, races of the day information, further news
10:05 Start procedure; Live with Box entry

During breaks in the action, organizers will show team videos, info trailers

Approximately 16:30 Finish live race broadcast

Press conference to start one hour after finish of racing. Tape delayed content available within one hour of the finish of the press conference

Approx. 18:00 Press conference (streamed on tape delay)
Approx. 18:30 Highlights of the races go on air
21:30 – 1:00 Replay of the broadcast of the day



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