Friday, April 09, 2010

Mirsky Racing Team go trough to the Match Race France QF on top of the leaderboard

[Source: Mirsky Racing Team] After a long day on the water,, with seven races remaining in the round this morning, MRT stepped up to the plate and performed, dropping only two races against the two teams from Italy – Francesco Bruni’s Team Azzura and Team Italia skipperedby Paolo Cian.

With 7 of the best teams to choose from, MRT’s skipper selected to race Francesco Bruni in the first to three quarter finals.

"Obviously it was a very hard choice for us", said Kinley Fowler who has stepped in as the coach for this week, "but after studying all of the teams throughout the week I think we are best suited to Francesco’s style in these boats. Don’t get me wrong, they are amazingly talented sailors and it will be very tough, but hopefully we have made the right choice."

With Marseille playing host to all varieties of weather, tomorrow’s forecast is as easy to predict as the results of the quarter finals. Almost anything could happen.

Torvar Mirsky ends the round robin in perfect form. Marseille, 9 April 2010. Photo copyright Brendon O'Hagan/Subzero images

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