Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mirsky Racing Team updates from Calpe

The late inclusion of the Mirsky Racing Team into the Open de España Match Race in Calpe, Spain will provide the team with invaluable training for the upcoming World Tour season.

The team finished a disappointing 8th place in the opening event of the WMRT, Match Race France. They will look to this event to train for the upcoming series of events which include; Match Race Germany, Korea Match Cup, Portugal Match Cup and Match Cup Sweden.

The Spanish event promises to be tough with fellow tour card holder Bjorn Hansen using the same opportunity to train.

This week MRT will have Torvar Mirsky, Kyle Langford, Kinley Fowler and newcomer Jakob Gustafsson from Black Swan Racing on the bow.

"The event will be sailed in Tom28 class yachts, which are quite small and manoeuvrable, this will surely sharpen out our boat handling and we are looking forward to getting back out on the water after a week off since France" said Trimmer Kinley Fowler.

Racing gets underway tomorrow at 11am local time, Predict Wind is forecasting light winds for the next few days which will test the teams strategically.

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At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Michel said...

I don't know them, but these guys are going to go a long way. This is ground breaking. If I were a sponsor, I would sign you.


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