Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PredictWind Announces Partnership With the Mirsky Racing Team

[Source: Mirsky Racing Team] As the level of the World Match Racing Tour steps up, the Mirsky Racing Team needs all the help they can get to take out this year's title.

Thats why the team at PredictWind have come on board with the Mirsky Racing Team to give them the winning edge no matter where they are in the world. PredictWind offers very accurate forecasts at a much higher resolution than other weather agents, giving hourly predictions in localised areas of up to one square kilometre.

"The accuracy of PredictWind's forecasts is going to help us get on top of our competitors" says the Mirsky Racing Team's tactician Kyle Langford "because we sail in some fairly obscure locations where the wind changes regularly, and having them onboard is going to keep us one step ahead of the other teams out there. We couldn't be happier with PredictWind behind us this year."

With its ease of use and proven track record, PredictWind is the choice of Mirsky Racing Team, and many other champion sailors. To learn more about their product, please visit www.predictwind.com

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