Friday, May 07, 2010

World Sailing Teams Association welcomes the plan for the 34th America's Cup

[Source: World Sailing Teams Association] On Thursday in Rome, the Defender and Challenger of Record for the 34th America's Cup issued details of their plan for the next Match.

The two teams, BMW ORACLE Racing and Mascalzone Latino Audi Team, are both among the founding members of the World Sailing Teams Association (WSTA).

At the first press conference of the 34th America’s Cup, they signalled a new era of cooperation between all teams with a promise to engage in consultation and cooperation on all major issues in building the next event.

"We want discussion and debate now in order to avoid disagreement later," said Russell Coutts, the CEO of BMW ORACLE Racing. “Our minds and our ears are open."

Coutts went on to describe their desire to build a series of regular, annual events that will help to “transform the America’s Cup into a viable, exciting platform which teams and commercial partners will find irresistible…

"A circuit of events will take the America's Cup to new audiences, where people can see the sailing stars of today and the new stars of tomorrow. Teams will enjoy regular racing and extra visibility in different locations and markets. We are working closely with the World Sailing Teams Association on a proposal for their events to be integrated into the big picture of the America's Cup," Coutts went on to say.

Paul Cayard, six-time America's Cup competitor and President of the World Sailing Teams Association, commented positively on Thursday's announcements:

"I think that what BMW ORACLE Racing is offering to the America’s Cup community is exactly what has been needed for some time. Fortunately for everyone, they are willing to cede a lot of authority to create a more professional and credible sporting event. We look forward to collaborating with them to produce a truly spectacular sailing event."

Later in the press conference, Vincenzo Onorato, Coutts’ counterpart with Mascalzone Latino Audi Team revealed key dates on the road to the America’s Cup.

- The Protocol will be published before 31st August
- The design rule will be published before 30th September
- The Notice of Race, and Sailing Instructions will be published before 31st December
- The Venue will be announced by the same date, 31st December
- The challenge period will be open from October 31st through January 31st, 2011

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At 10:59 PM, Blogger david said...

For gods sake the Americas cup is not a love in for professional sailors or nice fair regatta ...... its about power egos technology money, bending the rules getting the best designers sailors and Its great because of that. an 'evan playing field' come on bring back alinghi....plastic 12's Big boats ....winged keels multiple certificates crazy J boats that fell apart through corrosion otherwise just go optimist racing its totally fair but cheap ... although Santy Lange did build the best ceating optimists ever with curved panels in the 80's !!! DO NOT DILUTE THE EGO'S this is an event not for sponsors (keep that for the brilliant Volvo) but for billionairs

At 1:19 AM, Anonymous BB said...

David, you are a tosser.

At 1:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just think that the Americas Cup should be a regatta with cutting edge, state-of-the-art, each with a different solution type of event. If they turn this into a one-design, match race circuit it will disapear.

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Paul Cayard was going to skipper an AC campaign, suerly he will have to resign his poition within WTSA if this is the case.


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