Wednesday, June 02, 2010

GliderTV to film the Louis Vuitton Trophy in Maddalena

[Source: STEMME] The World Sailing Teams Association (WSTA), organizers of the Louis Vuitton Trophy, will test a unique method of filming the races at La Maddalena in cooperation with GliderTV. In addition to a helicopter, a motor glider will follow the racing teams and film the sporting event.

The S10 motor glider, produced by STEMME, a leading edge manufacturer of power gliders, combines the qualities of a sailplane and a powered airplane. It has been chosen to film the event, because it is more environmentally friendly than a helicopter. The fuel consumption of an S10 glider is 14 liters per hour. This is 25 times less than a helicopter consumes. Working with GliderTV is the perfect and only real alternative for reducing the carbon footprint of obtaining aerial footage.

“The S10 is the best performing sailplane ever built and is the easiest to handle. With a minimum speed of 70 km/hour it is the ideal way of taking the overall shoots. Not only can the glider be used for filming sports events, but also for observing all kinds of outdoor occasions. Our clients benefit from this new method, because it enables us to provide a better service with lower emissions at a competitive price,” says Benedikt Horber, chairman of GliderTV.

“Sailing is one of the most environmentally friendly of sports. Sailors have a direct connection to the water and to environmental protection. We would like to show that even with small steps it is possible to reduce the damaging effects of our carbon footprint on the landscape,” adds Laurent Esquier, CEO of the World Sailing Teams Association.



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