Monday, August 23, 2010

French team for the Little America’s Cup discovers its catamaran

[Source: Patient Lady VI] Arrived Thursday night in Newport, the 4 members of the french team -Benjamin Muyl, Antoine Koch, Jérémie Lagarrigue, Vianney Ancelin - started to discover their boat, Patient Lady VI

The assembly of the wing helped them reach a better understanding of its mechanics. This wing did not sail since several years, and small adaptations were needed to update it.

The first sailing session, on Saturday August, 21, in very light air, made them discover what appears to be a major difficulty on C Class: going downwind in light air.

Antoine and Jeremie are impressed by the potential of the wing and realize how much training will be needed to reach the level of the other competitors.

On Sunday August,22 the wind did not allow the boats to sail more than what was needed to reach the New York Yacht Club from the training base.

Regattas will start on Monday August,23.

The show promises to be amazing !



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