Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race: Groupama ahead of Telefonica

[Source: Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race] At 07:00 this morning, Groupama were bound for St. Kilda with Telefónica Azul closing the gap behind them. Groupama are still out in front on Day Four of the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race, but overnight the wind speed dropped from 15 knots to just a zephyr of wind. Groupama are now barely moving forward but Telefónica Azul is a weapon in light airs and they are clawing back the miles. Although conditions on board are now calm, concentration levels need to be maintained. After the physical exertion of the last three days, it is now mental strength that becomes paramount, keeping alert when every part of your being is willing you to sleep is just as grueling.

Onbaord Groupama 70. Shetland, 25 August 2010. Video copyright Team Groupama

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