Friday, September 17, 2010

Draft of AC72 rule unveiled

Related PDF Documents- Draft of AC72 Class Rule

[Source: BMW Oracle] The draft rule for the spectacular AC72 Class went public today.

Encapsulating the 34th America’s Cup – the best sailors in the world on the fastest boats – the AC72 will be a physically demanding boat capable of top speeds twice the windspeed.

The new AC72 class is the first-ever wingsail catamaran class for the America’s Cup and the fastest-ever class in the iconic 159-year-old competition. It replaces the ACC monohull class, which was created in 1988 and first raced in 1992 Cup.

The new boats will make their racing debut in the 2012 season for the America’s Cup World Series ahead of the 34th Match in 2013.

A catamaran was selected as one element to transform and enliven the America’s Cup for the future. A multihull is the ideal dynamic class, capable of being raced hard in winds from 5 to 30 knots to minimize racing delays due to winds too light or too strong.

AC72 design parameters:

- LOA 22.0 meters (72 feet)
- Beam 14.0 meters (46 feet)
- Displacement 5,700 kilograms (12,500 pounds)
- All-up weight 7,000 kilograms (15,500 pounds)
- Wingsail area 260 square meters (2,800 square feet)
- Wingsail height 40 meters (130 feet)
- Wingsail chord 8.5 meters (28 feet)
- Sail trimming Manual grinders
- Configuration Twin-hulled catamaran
- Crew 11
- Sail trimming No mechanically powered systems
- Sail area reduction Removable top sections/leech elements
- Appendages Maximum of 2 rudders, 2 daggerboards
- Construction Minimum 600 grams per square meter outer-skin;
- High-modulus carbon-fiber permitted in wingsail spar

The AC72 Class Rule was drafted by a distinguished group of consultants, chaired by Pete Melvin, on behalf of US SAILING.

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At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Cristian Alberto Palau Cabrera said...

Just one comment: Some years ago, Russell Coutts and Paul Cayard team up to create some sailing circuit in 70 foot catamarans, called "World Sailing League". They even had the support of some sheik from Abu Dhabi or Qatar or any of the Emirates (I don't remember well).

But for different reasons (lack of interest, lack of time, etc.) this "World Sailing League" never came to be a reality.

But now, with the introduction of the new AC72 and AC45, it seems that Russell Coutts is re-taking his interest in doing a circuit of 70+ foot catamarans in different venues around the globe, but this time is no longer the "World Sailing League", but the "America's Cup World Series".

In other words, different name, same old thing.

Best regards,
Cristian Palau

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes christian.very astute observation. Coutts is 'borrowing' the goodwill associated with george schuylers trophy bequest in order to launch his previously demonstrated commercial plan. Question is who derives the benefit ,the trust or coutts ?

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boat for sure will be great, but I'm even more sure that is not boat for america's cup.
Just shame that we gonna loose another 3 years

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

certainly not a match racer but the ultimate winning machine by BOR, so that they can win again right from the text of this new rule. Other people were a little more subtil in the past.

I am shock that everybody is behaiving in such a mellow way with these guys. Nobody even considers giving an opinion under the threat of being somehow excluded from the new club.

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Grego said...

Sure, a beautiful design for the modern age, but where do you draw the line? Will sail trimming via automated grinders be next?

AC represented a class onto itself, not just a fast boat. This will turn AC into just another water sport.


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