Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grant Dalton talks to Radio NZ about yesterday's America's Cup presentation

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Grant Dalton, managing director of Emirates Team New Zealand, talked to Radio NZ on Tuesday morning about the America's Cup presentation that took place yesterday in Valencia. I have to admit I was surprised as he didn't sound too pessimistic about his team's chances in the first ever edition of the Cup on multihulls. He was surprised by the announcement the year of the event would be 2013 and not 2014 as he had expected. He admitted though that 2013 was better for Team New Zealand since it would require one year's less budget.

He certainly wasn't surprised by the choice of the boat, in fact they knew it was going to be a multihull since many months now and for that reason they were "assembling their new people in a multihull environment" quietly in the background. Although they would have preferred a monohull, they have now come to grips with the multihulls and they don't feel scared.

As for the venue, although it wasn't announced, he stated the two most credible cities were San Francisco and Rome. Team New Zealand's preference is San Francisco but at the end of the day money will be the decisive factor for the decision, according to Dalton.

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