Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mirsky Racing Team finish second at Danish Open

[Source: Mirsky Racing Team] Going into the day Mirsky Racing Team were down 2-0 to the unstoppable Mathieu Richard and his Saba Sailing Team, but with their backs up against the wall they managed to fight back in a nail biting series to win 3-2 and qualify for the final.

In the other semi final, Adam Minoprio's BlackMatch Racing took victory over Team Azzura from Italy in straight sets, so the stage was set for another exciting finals between the two youngest teams on the Tour.

And what a series it was, going to the full 5 matches as the two teams took turns to snatch victory, the last of which went to BlackMatch Racing.

MRT were leading the majority of the final race, but close to the top mark, a left shift came down the course and gave Minoprio just enough of an advantage to cross MRT. From there, they defended their lead and went on to take the trophy.

Danish Open - Final Results

1st Adam Minoprio BlackMatch Racing
2nd Torvar Mirsky Mirsky Racing Team
3rd Mathieu Richard Saba Sailing Team
4th Francesco Bruni Team Azzura
5th Bjorn Hansen Hansen Global Team
6th Peter Gilmour Yanmar Racing
7th Ben Ainslie Team Origin
8th Bertrand Pace Aleph Sailing Team
9th Mads Ebler Ebler Matchracing
10th William Tiller Full Metal Jacket Racing
11th Susanne Ward Team Ward
12th Michael Buckley MB Sailing

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At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see Origin had the seventh fastest boat this time.


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