Thursday, October 28, 2010

Having a "Chinese" at 36 knots

There must be little doubt, after watching the video, that the media people at the Volvo Ocean Race did a fantastic job in the 2008-9 edition of the round-the-world race, in particular with the establishment of the compulsory MCM (Media Crew Member) onboard each participating yacht.

This first clip (part 1 of 2) illustrates Ericsson 4's wipeout in the Southern Ocean and the period after, as the crew battles to keep everything under control and jury rig the boat so that they can keep racing.

Guy Salter was the MCM on the boat and does a great job of keeping the camera rolling while Phil Jameson gives an excellent explanation of what happened and the subsequent action taken by the crew.

The only negative part of all this mind-boggling quantity of excellent video footage is that we might become like the Japanese tourists in the 1980's. They spent their life taking thousands of photos of every single tourist attraction in the world, needing another life to look at the photos they snapped.

Having a "Chinese" at 36 knots in the Southern Ocean. Video copyright Volvo Ocean Race

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At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cant wait for the next Volvo, if only the cup could be as spectacular!


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