Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mirsky Racing Team leads Bermuda Argo Cup undefeated

[Source: Mirsky Racing Team] Fiery matches were the flavour of the day, with one race seeing 6 penalties altogether. The victim of the onslaught was America’s rules expert Dave Perry who conceded four penalties for a number of infringements around the track in Group 3’s first race of the day.

“We got a bit of a scare down the first run when Perry’s team got two penalties on us for not keeping clear, but then he tried to go for the kill and carted us too far, so we got a penalty back on him” recalled Graeme Spence.

“When we both gybed back for the mark though it was our turn to attack and we managed to put two more penalties on him the same way he got us, and from there on out it was a pretty straightforward race, but it’s always good to have a few races like that to keep the spectators happy!”

MRT have one race left of the first round, but no matter what the result is they are through to the quarterfinals.

“We don’t have a great track record here” said Tudur Owen who is trimming this week “so it is nice to get through this first stage unscathed. We are really going to have to turn up the heat though if we are going to fend off the other top teams in groups 1 and 2.”

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