Thursday, October 07, 2010

WSTA appoints two to board of directors of America's Cup Race Management

[Source: World Sailing Teams Association] The World Sailing Teams Association (WSTA) has appointed two directors to the board of America's Cup Race Management (ACRM) as per the Protocol for the 34th America's Cup.

Mikhail Tuzov (RUS) and James Farmer (NZL) will join the five-person board with immediate effect, their names having been put forward for consideration by the Synergy Russian Sailing Team and Emirates Team New Zealand respectively. The WSTA voted this week on their nomination to the ACRM board.

“Having representation on the board of ACRM is an important check and balance on the overall fairness of the next America’s Cup for all teams,” said Paul Cayard, the chairman of the WSTA. “We are confident our nominees will greatly contribute to the execution of the vision for AC 34 while representing the interests of the challengers in the management of the event.”

ACRM is the body charged in the Protocol with providing “neutral, independent, professional, and fair race management” for the next edition of the America’s Cup.

The board of ACRM consists of five people – the recently appointed Regatta Director Iain Murray (AUS), as well as one representative from the Defender, one from the Challenger of Record, and the two appointed by WSTA.

Mikhail Tuzov is a businessman, engineer and investor in Russia who was among the founders of the Synergy Russian Sailing Team, which has successfully competed in the TP52 Class on the Audi MedCup circuit and in the Louis Vuitton Trophy.

James Farmer is a Barrister and Queen’s Counsel in New Zealand and has been a Director and Trustee with Emirates Team New Zealand since 2004. He was the team’s representative on the Challenger Commission during the 32nd America’s Cup.

“ACRM welcomes the appointments of James Farmer and Mikhail Tuzov as WSTA’s board representatives to ACRM,” said Iain Murray, ACRM CEO and Regatta Director of the 34th America’s Cup. “This brings us one step closer to formalizing ACRM and moving forward on preparations for running the 34th America’s Cup regatta. The Board will play an important part in assuring a fair competition for all.”

As per the Protocol, the two members nominated by WSTA will have their positions on the board confirmed by a majority vote of the Competitors Forum following the close of entries for the Cup early next year.

The WSTA was created in the spring of 2009 to promote the interests of the some of the top sailing teams in the world. In partnership with Louis Vuitton, the WSTA has organised three Louis Vuitton Trophy events, with a fourth and final regatta scheduled in Dubai next month.

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At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how much ETNZ are getting from old Larry to promose to turn up. The biggest brand in sailing and I bet GD is taking full advantage of the lack of competitors and the fact that if they don't turn up it's a dead duck.

Good on you Dalts milk it for every penny.

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is WSTA legitimacy?? i do not understand.
A Russian in the board. Does that mean Synergy will enter?

At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No - it means that the Larry, Russell(not Tom probably)Fresh and the boys all get a shot at those hot Ruski dock boxes that are hanging around the Tp52 regattas.

At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Synergy will enter they need to make up the numbers... come on owners wake up a smell the coffee your about to get screwed by the Russell, Paul and Tom show.


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