Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lights; Camera; Action; It's Sunseeker Australia Cup Time

[Source: Sunseeker Australia Cup] The superstars of sailing are here, the sun is shining and the fabled Fremantle Doctor is back from a week’s leave, bring on the Sunseeker Australia Cup 2010!

Sailing’s answer to Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Raffa are in town, Ben Ainslie and Ian Williams of Britain and Frenchman Mathieu Richard are the best in the world at what they do, race sailboats.

The skies over Perth are cloudless, and there is a strong wind warning for at least the next three days.

Compress these components into the confined space of Perth Water, right in front of the CBD, and you have a recipe for some serious action.

But it’s not all about the overseas “rock stars”, because last year Perth’s own up-and-coming world talent, Torvar Mirsky, beat the all these guys to collect the trophy, and it will take a crowbar to get it out of his hands.

There is also a trio of young Kiwis, bought up in the toughest match racing school on the planet, who have been making their mark on the world stage, these guys would love to win on Australian waters.

Throw in a South African and a couple of other talented locals, and the line up for the Sunseeker Australia Cup is red hot, and the Fremantle Doctor will only fan the flames.

Ben Ainslie, who has three Olympic golds and a silver, was the defeated finalist last year, beaten in two straight races by Torvar Mirsky, and defeat isn’t something that fits into his agenda, so expect a fight back.

Mathieu Richard has put in a big year on the International Tour, and has the world championship within his grasp, he will be looking to go into next week’s Monsoon Cup in Malaysia on a high, so a good performance in Perth is essential.

The Sunseeker Australia Cup will be four days of intense head-to-head competition that is too good to miss, hosted by the Royal Perth Yacht Club, it is managed by Swan River Sailing.

1. Mathieu Richard FRA
2. Ben Ainslie GBR
3. Torvar Mirsky AUS
4. Ian Williams GBR
5. Reuben Corbett NZL
6. Ian Ainslie RSA
7. Phil Robertson NZL
8. Keith Swinton AUS
9. William Tiller NZL
10. Peter Nicholas AUS

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