Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oman Sail's Khamis Al Anbouri

The following video doesn't hold any extraordinary, breaking information or show any spectacular incident. Nevertheless, I think that for the sport of sailing as a whole and its future, it might even be more valuable and more important than, let's say, the record-breaking achievements of l'Hydroptère.

It just shows the story of Khamis Al Anbouri, an Omani citizen that in a mere three years climbed from being a regular Omani citizen to becoming an internationally respected sailor who competes at the top of the game. It also shows that with the adequate grass-roots sailing training programs there is no reason whatsoever why Omanis, or citizens of any other country with practically no professional sailing tradition, couldn't become competitive sailors.

They will certainly not produce a new Russell Coutts next month but it would be an encouraging step if the new Adam Minoprio, Torvar Mirsky or Phil Robertson were Omanis, Malaysians or Indians, instead of the usual Australians or New Zealanders.

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At 3:33 AM, Blogger Denis said...

Superb ! And inspiring...
Congrats and thanks, Pierre


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