Monday, December 20, 2010

Light breeze on day 3 of the Christmas Race

A light SW breeze blew in the bay of Palamos since the early morning with enough strength to get sailors to the racing areas for today’s races. After waiting for two days for the wind to arrive, the Race Committee did not hesitate to go afloat just after the forecast briefing to ensure racing could start in accordance with the schedule. The first starts of the day were made at around 11:30 but the wind was tricky throughout the day.

The Laser could finally sail three races today and Spanish sisters Fatima and Lucia Reyes are first and second in the Laser radial overall results with a great performance today. Third place is for Francesca Clapchich from Italy.

Brothers Federico and Arturo Alonso from Spain are leaders in the 49er standings with a total of seven races sailed since the beginning of the event. Second place is for Portuguese team Bernardo Freitas and Francisco Andrade (Buondi Caffè) followed by James Peters and Edward Fitzgerald (Ocenair) from Great Britain.

The lead in 470 women is still for Spanish team Tara Pacheco and Berta followed by British sailors Hannah Mills and Katie Archer and SophieWequelin and Sophie Ainsworth (Grainmarket properties) in second and third place respectively.

Start of the 49er race. Palamós, 20 December 2010. Photo copyright Alfred Farré / Christmas Race

German sailors Jasper Wagner and Tobias Bolduan are at the top of the 470 men standings with 11 points advantage over British team Ben Saxton and David Kohler (Rola-Trac). Third place is also for Germany, with team Denny Naujock y Nils Schröder (Jonny).

Finn sailor Florian Raudaschl from Austria is now leading the Finn results followed by Ukranian sailor Olexiy Boryson, at just two points and third place is for Jan Kurfed (Audi STG) from Germany.

The Dutch teams dominate the Laser standard results with Sierk Jan ter Haar and Douwe Broekens (Sigma Medic) in the lead with nineteen points. Third place is for French sailor Rodrigue Cabaz.

Tomorrow will be the last day of racing before the Medal Race to be held on Wednesday.

The weather forecast announces SW wind 15 to 20 knots with possibility of rain at midday.

RESULTS (After the third day)

Laser Radial
1. Fátima Reyes (ESP), 4-2-1-3, 10 points
2. Fatima Reyes (ESP), 3-4-6-2, 15 points
3. Francesca Clapchich (ITA), 2-1-8-5, 16 points
4. Michelle Broekhizen (NED), 10-5-4-1, 20 points
5. Marie Menaldo (FRA), 1-6-7-6, 20 points

Laser Standard
1. Sierk Jan Ter Haar (NED), 1-4-2-12, 19 points
2. Broekens (NED), 2-1-11-5, 19 puntos
3. Rodrige Cabaz (FRA), 5-19-6-1, 31 puntos
4. Ronan Cull (IRL), 13-13-5-4, 35 puntos
5. Mattis Naud (FRA), 4-17-4-13, 38 puntos

1. Florian Raudaschi (AUT), 2-5-3-1, 11 points
2. Olexsiy Borysov (UKR), 5-3-2-3, 13 points
3. Jan Kurfeld (GER), 3-1-1-DNC, 16 points
4. Alex Muscat (ESP), 9-2-4-2, 17 points
5. Miguel Fernández Vasco (ESP), 6-4-5-6, 21 points

470 Men
1. Jasper Wagner/Tobias Bolduan (GER), 2-1-5-3, 11 points
2. Ben Saxton/David Kohler (GBR), 12-8-1-1, 22 points
3. Denny Noujock/Nils Schröder (GER), 17-2-2-2, 23 points
4. Niklas Dackhammar/Fredrik Bergstrom (SWE), 10-3-15-8, 36 points
5. Marc Terrasa/Toni Terrasa (ESP), 5-4-18-9, 37 points

470 Women
1. Tara Pacheco/Berta Betanzos (ESP), 1-3-1-6, 11 points
2. Hanna Mills/Katie Archer (GBR), 4-5-2-2, 13 points
3. Sophie Weguelin/Sophie Ainsworth (GBR), 2-2-5-4, 13 points
4. Marjalilsa Umb/Elise Umb (EST), 5-1-6-3, 15 points
5. Marina Gallego/Ana Lobo (ESP), 3-6-7-5, 21 points

1. Federico Alonso/Arturo Alonso (ESP), 4-1-1-(6)-3-6-2, 17 points
2. Bernardo Freitas/Francisco Andrade (POR), 2-5-6-(BDF)-2-4-1, 20 points
3. James Peters/Edward Fitzgerald (GBR), (16)-6-3-3-1-3-6, 22 points
4. Mathieu Frei/Yann Rocherieux (FRA), 3-7-2-1-(13)-8-5, 26 points
5. Axel Silvy/Ulysse Hoffmann (FRA), (14-3-4-7-8-1-3,27 points

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