Thursday, December 02, 2010

Monsoon Cup - Day 2: Ainslie scores decisive victory over Richard

Even under light conditions it's always a privilege to be onboard Team Origin's "Fab Five", Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy, Christian Kamp, Matthew Cornwell and Mike Motti. The British crew definitely creamed the French with a perfect start and a great first beat. Iain Percy saw the lefty coming and the British yacht hit the starting line on the pin end and with greater speed. The first beat saw Ben Ainslie's lead extend as Richard got caught on the right side of the course. Ainslie rounded the first weather mark clearly ahead and kept his advantage until the finish line. It definitely is a difficult day for Mathieu Richard.

Prestart of the race Ben Ainslie vs Mathieu Richard. Kuala Terengganu, 2 December 2010. Video copyright Pierre Orphanidis / Valencia Sailing

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At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wmrt people are the only one excited about what they are doing.boring,boring,boring,boring,boring,boring.really do not know how they are still surviving and going around.i think who invested money into this has start realizing that they are not going anywhere.if the monsoon is a final i have not seen too many sponsors.actually almost none.why?losing money and time is not want the investors want.anyway,good luck


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