Sunday, December 19, 2010

No wind, no race on day two of the Christmas Race

The wind decided not to appear on day two at the Christmas Race so there was no racing today. The day started with rain and around midday the clouds began to disappear and a SSW breeze was expected to start blowing in the bay. But it did not happen and after five hours ashore, teams went home with no races sailed.

Some sailors had fun playing football while others sat at Palamos pier waiting for the wind.

Carles Palomares, the race manager explained “we tried everyhting possible, even the Race Committees went afloat but there was hardly any wind so it was impossible to give a start to any race".

There have been no changes in the results from day one. Meteorologist Enric Agud has forecasted a SW wind around 10 knots at midday increasing to fifiteen throughout the afternoon.

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